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"Even in such a big, wide world...I still feel all alone, I need to find it- My will to live on."

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"Why…Why did I come here?" Asaki thought with a frown. She leaned against the gymnasium wall as old students from Namimori re united and chattered among themselves. She held the glass in her hands, watching some of the new teachers be introduced around- well, it was more like they were showing off their new English teacher.

With a roll of her eyes, she checked her wrist watch. Debating if she headed home now she would save taxi money, not run into any annoying creeps and make it to the food mart. She moved off the wall and started to walk when she was stopped by her old math teacher. “Ah~ Asaki-san, is that you?” she piped up, she clung onto a young man’s arm while smiling.  ”Oh how you’ve grown~!” she cooed. “Oh! I almost forgot, this is Dino- our new English teacher,” she added.

Asaki nodded a little at the two. “Gomenasai, I’m actually leaving now, I don’t feel so well…” she lied. Asaki curled a hair behind her ear, still smiling weakly. 

"Oh…you never were a healthy kid.." the old woman muttered with a pout.

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    She still shook and trembled, the pain, the stinging near killing her. “No…Over…death would be be…tter…” She slumped...
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    Dino gripped her hand tighter,”Asaki! Please…’ll be over soon trust me…..” Dino had tears steaming down his face as...